Connect to your true self.

Clear negativity.

Learn energetic empowerment.

Listen to your heart.

Energetic Healing

Our energetic body can become depleted, eventually leading to physical pain in the body. Energy healing is the process of healing one’s energetic body to boost mental, emotional, and physical health. Learn More.

Energetic Empowerment Tools

Fill you quiver with meditation, visualization, and other personal energetic empowerment tools. Learn More.


Intuitive Guidance

Intuition is one’s ability to know without logical thought. Connect to your heart and learn to listen to your inner wisdom. Learn More.


Emily Martin is a mom, wife, outdoor enthusiast, intuitive, scientist, and artist.  She is in love with color and nature.  Sharing her intuitive gifts with others brings out her playful spirit. 

Emily credits Liliana Barzola Read, Venerable Thich Minh Tinh (Thay Kozen), Dr. Barry Gold, Kadam Lucy James, Francesca McCartney, her two boys, and her husband as her teachers.

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